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Fuck Marry Get Drunk with, Fred Weasley, the 10th Doctor, and Dean Winchester
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Fuck: dean winchester

Marry: 10th doctor

Get drunk with: Fred weasly

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Fuck, marry, get drunk with

Send me three names!!!

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So get this..

I was chatting to this sweet Swedish guy on kik and he then sends me a shirtless picture of himself, jokingly I sent him

“Nice ;D”

He responded with another shirtless pic if himself with out his jeans on, only showing his v line and his chest. I then quickly sent

“Look, your a nice guy and all but I don’t trade pics”

He responded with

“Awe! Why not?”

I sighed, hopeing we could Finish this covo and responded in the nicest way possible

“Cause I’m not like that, and I have respect for myself”

He didn’t respond back, which made me nervous that he lost interest in me. But then he sent a picture of himself with a shirt and jeans on, replying with

“Better :D?”

I laughed and was about to respond when he replied again

“I respect your opinion”

I smiled and replied

“Your the First guy to ever listen to me about this and not just send pics or leave. Thanks”

He then said

“No problem friend”

This guy is soo fricken sweet! He listened to me and didn’t send me pictures that I didn’t want!!~~~~~~~A.j

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I showed my friend a picture of misha collins and asked
“Isn’t he a cutie pie?”
And she looked at it for a second then sighed and looked back at the tv and said
“No, he isn’t even cute”
Im about to flip a FUCKING TABLE

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hey friennnndddd can i have a dean imagine where he takes y/n on a dateeee pwease thank yooouuu :) <3
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Hellooooo everyone

Hey guys!
I’m taking requests again and I’m writing part3 of SuperWhoLock and part2 of secrets! So if you guys want tooo….send in some requests!!!

Bye loveies!~~~A.j

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So here’s the thing guys. I have two announcements.

One: I’m not going to do smut any more. It was just a one time thing to see if I could write it. It just makes me feel dirty and kinda don’t want it on my blog… sorry!

Two: I’ll be posting again! I’ve been busy with getting ready for school to start, my cousins are still in town, me and my boyfriend are figuring out a few things and also I’m getting over being sick. I’ll be posting again! Don’t worry!!~~

Love ya hun’s

Good Night!~~~~Amber
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you havent posted my two smutty imagines ;-;
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Sorry! Schools starting soon. My cousins are in town. I’m fighting with my boyfriend and I’m sick so I haven’t had time to write imagines! I’m sorry love

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