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When your/he’s sick: the outsiders preference # 1

a/n: this is my first preference

Darry: you walked into the Curtis house hold and greeted Sodapop and ponyboy “hey guys, where’s darry?” Sodapop pointed toward his room, not taking his eyes off of the TV, You looked at pony and he laughed “Darry’s got the flu” Darrel Curtis, sick? Alright, that’s a new one. You laughed to yourself, you headed toward his room and walked in, he was asleep under the covers, you slipped off your shoes and climbed next to him, he groaned and shifted To face you “Y/n? What are you doing here?” You giggled “I’m here to take care of you!”

Sodapop: your best friend had gotten you sick so you were stuck at home all day, the bad thing was your boyfriend, SodaPop was coming over to take care of you, it wasn’t really a bad thing but you didn’t want Soda to get sick, since he has work. You heard the door open and soda called out “y/n? You here doll?” All you could do was reply with a cough, you heard Soda laugh. he walked into your room, he set down his bags, kicked his shoes off and laid down next to you “no Soda, you’re going to get sick” you sniffled, trying to push him away, soda laughed and kissed your forehead “so? I’m here to take care of you, not to worry about getting sick. Now” he said, picking up the bag “what movie do you want to watch first?”

Ponyboy: pony had stayed over night with johnny in the lot without a jacket and it was freezing, so of course he was going to get sick. Since both darry and soda had work and rest of the gang was busy you got to take care of him! “C’mon pony! You need to take the medicine!” You wined, you kept trying to give pony cough syrup but he kept moving his head away or he kept his mouth tightly closed “Ponyboy Michael Curtis I swear to god, if you don’t take this cough syrup I will never kiss you again!” You threatened in a stern voice, his eyes went wide and he instantly opened his mouth, you giggled, you knew that would work, you put the spoon into his mouth and he swallowed the medicine, you smiled and put the spoon back onto the night stand “thank you, you may go to sleep now” you gently kissed his cheek as he laid back down

Two-bit: ah the flu, it’s always fun to have the flu, staying inside all day doing nothing but sleeping and watching tv as you cough and sneeze your organs out, but at least two-bit was there to try and make you feel better by feeding you way to much soup and saying corny jokes “ok ok I got a better one, what do you call a group of unorganized cats?” You groan to yourself “I give up Keith, what do you call them?” He smiles brightly “a cat-astrophe” you laughed and shook your head “oh here’s another one! What disease do you get when you decorate for Christmas?” You raise an eye brow “what?” He smirks “tinselitus!” You rolled your eyes “alright Keith that’s enough jokes” he started bouncing up and down “I got another one!” You sighed “Keith I sa-” “Why don’t they play poker in the jungle?” You groaned and fell face first into your pillow “because there’s too many cheetahs!”

Johnny: it had been pouring and his parents were fighting again, so he stay’d at the lot, he was supposed to stay at your house on the third night but he didn’t show up so you went for a walk toward the lot, as you got closer you heard sneezing and coughing, you leaned over the couch and saw johnny sitting on the ground shaking and wet “johnny” you said softly , he turn around and stood up “oh uh he-” he was interrupted by a sneeze making you giggle a bit “c’mon, let’s go” you grabbed his arm “go where?” He asked between sneezes “my place so I can take care of you” I smiled at him as we walked “oh o-ok” he mumbled sneezing again

Steve: damn Steve got you sick, so as punishment he had to do everything for you “Stevie” you wined, he looked up from the TV “yes?” He asked, you sat up and stretched “could you run me a bath?” He smiled and nodded “sure” since you were too weak to walk he picked you up bridal style and took you to the bathroom, he set you down and turned the water on, he helped me get undressed and gently put me into the bath tub and sat next to me “thanks Stevie, I love you” he smiles and kisses your forehead “I love you too sunshine”

Dally: Dal had been out all night, drinking till he passed out, so it wasn’t a surprise when you woke up to him leaning over the toilet, you got up and some aspirin and water, you walked in the bathroom “hey Dal” you said, He groaned and covered his ears “don’t yell” you laughed and set the stuff down on the counter, you sat next to him and gently rubbed his back “sorry babe, here have some aspirin and water” you gently said as you have him the glass and bottle, he took a few aspirin and chugged the water “hanger overs are the worst” he groaned, you laughed “I know, now let’s get you back to bed” he nodded and you helped him up, leading him to the bed

A/n: should I do more of these? Cause it was fun to write!! XD~A.j

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it started out with a click


how did it end up like this


it was only a click

It was only a click.

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So I drew this for xxximaginesxxx
I hope CHU like it xD


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Hey! I got bored and saw your Human! Tiny Box Tim! thing so I drew it but like I can't compute draw for my life and it's not realistic but it anime 😅and on paper but still
letswritefanfics asked

Really?! That’s awesome! It doesn’t matter if it’s realistic, I just wanted to see other peoples drawings!!

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Look who was bored in math!!! Ahaha, it’s human!Tiny box tim!!
If any of you guys who are way better at drawing or have amazing drawing skills on the computer, could you make it more realistic for me? Thanks guy, love ya’~A.j

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This man. I respect him so much

Never think you’re alone!

I don’t need an excuse to reblog this.

will someone tell me what video this is?

It was from the end of Neverending nightmares. Again, I don’t have a link

Here’s the link to the video ~~~~>

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Y/n: leave me alone Dallas

Dally: what? Can’t take a compliment?

Y/n: no. I can, just not from you

Dally: ‘come on doll, ya’ know ya’ love me

Y/n: whatever

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Rp anyone?

It could be anything!
But I’m reallying looking to do a outsiders Rp! Message me though here or kik! Thanks~A.j

My kik is : iloveturtles109 for those who didn’t know